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I spent a week in Grady's ER and another six months in a wheelchair. My bills were enormous. But through Darren's diligent efforts I was able to recover all of my expenses, cover the extensive medical costs and rehabilitation, and get compensation for my pain. Darren found resources I would never have known about. Beyond his top legal prowess he showed me real friendship.

- Karl Hammerberg

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Jeb was great to work with and he did an amazing job on my case! He is a great listener and is very understanding. He went through great lengths to find anything that could help with my case! My sister who is a paralegal looked up Mr. Butler beforehand and she was very impressed with what she found. In the end, I was able to get out of my unsafe environment without any issues thanks to Jeb!

- Tiffany

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I was referred to Mr. Darren Tobin and from our first conversation, I knew there was something special about him... I hold Mr. Darren Tobin in the highest regard because he is an attorney with an uncompromising character that will fight for you until the end.

- Ashley Harris

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Jeb provided exceptional legal representation on my behalf after an auto accident. His diligence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and candor made him a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend this individual as a legal representative in an auto accident case.

- Brad

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Cases We Handle
  1. Truck Accidents On the highway, some truckers drive like bullies. In the courtroom, we turn the tables. When tractor-trailers, dump trucks, or other commercial vehicles take to the road for business purposes, they’re sharing the road with families and private citizens. In return, commercial drivers are supposed to drive cautiously and responsibly so that other people aren’t in danger. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. When commercial drivers put others at risk, we know how to hold them accountable.
  2. Car Accidents A lot can change in a moment. In the blink of an eye, another driver can send you to the hospital, knock you out of work, destroy your car, or cause the death of a loved one. That leaves you picking up the pieces— battling with insurance companies, struggling with household bills, and trying to obtain medical treatment. At Butler Tobin, we fight insurance companies on behalf of our clients every day. We know how to help.
  3. DUI Injuries There is no excuse for drunk driving. Consuming alcohol or drugs and then getting behind the wheel puts families and other innocent drivers at risk. And it happens too often—intoxicated drivers kill three people every two hours in the United States according to government estimates. In Georgia, impaired drivers who hurt others can be responsible for uncapped punitive damages. O.C.G.A. § 51-12-5.1(f). At Butler Tobin, we’ve handled these cases—we can hold drunk drivers accountable.
  1. Crime Victims  Everyone deserves to feel safe. When you’re a resident, guest, or customer of a business—whether it’s an apartment complex, a hotel, a restaurant, or a shop—that business has a duty to keep you reasonably safe. It’s a part of the deal: you’re the customer, and you have a right to be secure. Unfortunately, some business break the deal and fail to protect their customers against known crime. If you’ve been a victim of foreseeable violent crime on someone else’s property, we know how to help.
  2. Dangerous Products If a manufacturer makes money selling a product—whether it’s a car, a tire, or something else—that manufacturer must make sure the product isn’t harming people or their families. But some manufacturers don’t live up to the deal. Some automakers sell cars that put the drivers at risk and some tire companies sell tires that can come apart on the road. When a product manufacturer wrongfully puts its customers or their families at risk, we know how to hold them responsible.
  3. Serious Injury or Death There’s something you should know about the legal system: you only get one chance. If something bad happens—if you or a loved one are seriously injured, or if a loved one is killed—you only have one chance to hold the at-fault party responsible. You need a good lawyer. Don’t take the risk of hiring a law firm simply because it ran a TV commercial or advertised on a billboard. At Butler Tobin, we know how to handle serious injury and wrongful death cases.