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Is My Car Safe?

Most people trust their cars, day in and day out, to carry their families safely from Point A to Point B.  As we all know, it’s possible—maybe even unavoidable—that one day, no matter how careful we are, there’ll be a ...

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Cars Without Tires and a Safe Place to Live

We all need a safe place to stay.  And when you pay rent to an apartment complex or pay for a night at a hotel, that’s part of what you’re paying for—at least, it’s supposed to be.  Particularly for families ...

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4 Tips On What To Do In A Car Accident

Car wrecks happen.  Most of us will be involved in one or more collisions in our lifetimes, but many people don’t know what to do when a wreck occurs.  The attorneys at Butler & Tobin have litigated many automobile wrecks—and ...

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Keep It Classy: Tips For Driving Safe

The roads are dangerous—that’s a fact of life.  It’s easy to forget because we drive so often, but anytime thousands of strangers driving heavy vehicles at high speeds get together on the same roadways, wrecks are going to happen.  Some ...

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Eric Clapton, Conspicuity, and Rearend Collisions

Rearend collisions aren’t always straightforward.  Many motorists think that whenever a rearend collision occurs, the person in the vehicle that’s doing the hitting (the “bullet” vehicle) is at fault and the person in the vehicle being hit (the “target” vehicle) ...

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Over 225,000 homes in Georgia lost power during the recent blast of winter weather, and many homes are still without power.  Here’s what you should do before and after the power goes out in your home this winter: Be prepared… 1.  ...

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