I75 Truck Wreck Leads to Driver Facing Charges

Truck Driver In Custody After Pile-Up Crash An out-of-state truck driver faces multiple charges – including vehicular manslaughter – after he allegedly rear-ended another vehicle and triggered a multi-vehicle crash.

Georgia Chemical Spill Raises Long Term Liability Questions

On Saturday, August 13th , Smyrna, GA based Apollo Technologies leaked 2,000 gallons of a caustic automotive cleaning solvent into a Cobb County Creek. Caustic automotive solvent is a chemical

Pick Your Parking Place

It's [not] a great day for justice down at the Capitol!  We all have to follow the rules when it comes to driving AND parking on our roads.  Here, an

Rapper Continues To Struggle With Serious Injury

An Atlanta hip-hop artist that has seen a meteoric rise to fame in only a few months faces an uncertain future, after the apparent loss of his right eye following

When is a Road “Too Dangerous”?

We all know we need to exercise care when driving our cars. However, accidents and injuries still do occur, despite a driver’s best efforts.  Earlier this week, 23-year-old Evan Souris

Wild West Gunfighter and TBIs

One hundred thirty years ago this month, Wild West gunslinger Clay Allison, whose bizarre and violent behavior was probably caused by a childhood brain injury, was killed in a wagon