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Punitive Damages and Motor Vehicle Collisions

Punitive Damages and Motor Vehicle Collisions Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, three members of a Franklin County Georgia family were killed when Marco Tulio Hernandez-Ramirez, while driving under the influence of alcohol, crossed over the center line and caused a ...

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Protecting Your Case: Avoiding Spoliation of Evidence

Evidence is the touchstone of our legal system—it is presented at trial, the jury observes it, and the jury makes its decision based on what the evidence shows.  If all the relevant evidence is not presented, the jury cannot make ...

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When Your Vehicle Fails to Keep You Safe

Ford Motor Company recently recalled over 700,000 vehicles because of a potentially dangerous defect in the vehicles’ Restraint Control Module. The defect may cause the vehicles’ seatbelt pretensioners and airbags not to work during a motor vehicle collision.  Pretensioners and ...

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Is Your Doctor Telling You Everything You Need To Know?

Patient-doctor relationships are built on trust. As a patient it is important to be able to rely on a doctor to provide truthful and accurate information about the treatment being prescribed.  Having this information allows a patient to make an ...

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Negligent Driving Can Be Deadly

A fatal collision occurred on September 2, 2014, at the intersection of Lenox Road NE and Ferncliff Road in Atlanta, Georgia when a semi-truck attempted to make an illegal U-turn. Due to their size, semi-trucks and tractor trailers can be ...

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