Devin Ripley

Devin Ripley, Paralegal

T: 404-587-8423


  • PCCE Certified Paralegal
  • AAS Paralegal Studies
  • BAS Paralegal Studies


  • Georgia Association of Paralegals
  • National Federation of Paralegal Associations

Devin comes from a family with a history of working in the legal field.  In many ways, he was born into the law.  His mother was and still is a 911 call dispatcher; his father served honorably in the United States Navy for 20 years and was actively involved in the local Sheriff’s office Search and Rescue program; and his grandfather was a Sheriff for almost 20 years before retiring and working as the lead investigator for a prestigious law firm out of their Atlanta office.  They say that the ones closest to you are who make you who you are, and Devin’s family has made him into one of the brightest young paralegals.

Devin graduated from West Forsyth High School after he and his family moved closer to family when his father retired from the Navy.  In 2014, he began attending classes at the University of North Georgia, where he enrolled in the American Bar Association-approved Paralegal Studies program.  In 2017, he graduated with two degrees in that major.  While attending UNG, he made the Dean’s list three times.  He also revived the UNG Paralegal Club, which he quickly turned from a dying club into one of the more active Student Organizations.  Under his leadership, the membership went from 3 students to well over 40; they were the first organization to organize and execute a Mock Trial at UNG; and the club had regular speakers from outside paralegal associations educate the members on how the real world works as a paralegal.

As a paralegal, Devin prioritizes the clients.  He is dedicated to ensuring that they remember that people still care about them.  He’s worked in firms who operated through a ‘screen’ with the clients. He would rather tear the screen apart so that the client knows him as well as he knows the client.

In his free time, Devin prefers to have a good book in his hands.  He’s always looking to enjoy some time lost in another world, following the characters through their journey.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends as well, whether that be at the movies, on the golf course, or yelling until his voice is hoarse at football games.