Bicycle Accident Lawyer Atlanta GA


If you’re in need of a bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents trust, you want a seasoned trial lawyer on your side.

bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GAThe kind of bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents are proud to have serving their community can be found at Butler Tobin. Motorists injure and kill thousands of bicyclists every year in traffic accidents. Bicyclists don’t have a lot of protection.  Other than a helmet which reduces the risk of trauma to the head, even the most experienced bicyclist faces real risks when he takes to the road.

Bicycles and Cars: Sharing the Road

While bicyclists are entitled to share the roads, not all car drivers respect those cycling privileges.  Too often, car drivers use aggressive maneuvers like speeding up behind a bicycle rider or driving to pass around the bicycle driver.  Those poor decisions often sadly lead to catastrophic consequences.  A car driver’s negligent or reckless driving makes him liable for the injuries he causes.  A bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA cyclists know and trust will make sure to hold the right individuals accountable.  Sometimes a bicycle accident is as straightforward as it seems—the driver was following too closely, or failed to yield the right of way resulting in the accident.  Sometimes the accident is caused by something more than an impatient driver.  An accident investigation and actual on-site inspection of the road may show that it was a poor road design or defective product that was the primary cause.  And sometimes an accident is caused by a drunk driver who recklessly strikes a bicyclist but flees the scene.  In any of these situations, you will want a bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents count on.

If you have experienced this type of accident, you may want to discuss your situation with an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer from Butler Tobin at 404-587-8423. However, many people are still not aware of the fact that some bicycle accidents happen because of other drivers in the street who may be reckless and do not respect the security and safety needs of a cyclist. Many cyclists, contrary to what you may believe, are not aware of the fact that they also have the right to seek justice for the wrongdoings they have experienced. Consequently, when they are faced with a bicycle accident, they are forced to suffer with pain and hardship while bearing financial expenses without seeking any legal help from a lawyer.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle safety is a real issue.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based right here in Atlanta GA, adolescents and young adults (15-19 years) and adults over 40 have the highest bicycle death rates.  Also according to the CDC, male cyclists face a much higher likelihood of suffering an injury than females.  And finally, the CDC credits the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with finding that most bicycle deaths occur in urban areas and at non-intersection locations.  Keep this in mind as you navigate through the streets of Atlanta.  If you have suffered an injury because of a bicycle accident, you want to talk to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA cyclists trust.

Car drivers are not the only ones who can cause collisions.  In Georgia, bicycle riders must follow the same traffic laws that other motorists must follow.  While we have discussed what a bicycle driver’s rights are in the situations when a car driver causes an accident, we have also represented pedestrians who suffered injuries after they were struck by negligent bicycle rider.  If a bicycle driver gets on the pedals, he must obey the state and city bicycle laws.  For example, if a cyclist arrives at an intersection and the traffic light is red, he must stops.  If the cyclist slows down and doesn’t fully stop, he can be held liable for causing any collision that may result from his failure to stop.  Talk to a top bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA has to offer if you have questions.

A seasoned Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer has likely represented many bicyclist clients who have experienced traumatic accidents. Many have a thorough understanding of various types of bicycle accident cases as well as the skills and expertise to achieve the most favorable outcome for their clients.

Clearly, a bicycle accident may be caused by a good number of reasons and therefore is a very complex case in nature. These types of cases usually require highly skilled attorneys to get the trial outcome in one’s favor. Therefore, the type of experienced bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents should look for is one who has already dealt with many bicycle accident cases and brought success for their clients as he or she is the one who can be relied on without any hesitation. Only this kind of lawyer can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident properly, identify the merits and demerits of the cases, and develop a strategy for representing their victims in a way which would yield the best possible results.

The type of experienced bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents should look for is one who has a deep understanding of the complex nature of these types of cases, how different variables of the cases influence the verdict, and how to improve the odds of a favorable outcome of the trial in the client’s favor. Our lawyers have an extensive amount of experience in dealing with bicycle accident cases, so you can feel safe and confident in having a bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta GA lawyer on your side.

If you have been involved in an accident and are now confused whether you exercised appropriate behavior in terms of traffic laws, you should consult with a bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents trust to determine whether the behavior was appropriate or not, what result you should expect following the incident, and how to respond if you are in a legal situation.

In many cases, you need expert legal assistance as bicycle accidents are very critical in nature and can cost a considerable amount of money if you do not handle the situation with the help of an expert attorney. Consult with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents respect at Butler Tobin at 404-587-8423 if you have found yourself in a related case or with an injury and schedule your free consultation today.Butler Tobin is a proud sponsor of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.