Georgia Bicycle Accident Lawyer


We know bicycle accidents.  Our firm has handled cases on both sides—we have handled cases in which a motor vehicle driver was at fault for injuring a bicyclist, and cases in which the bicyclist was at fault for injuring a pedestrian.  We have handled hit-and-run cases in which the bicyclist was injured, cases in which a bicyclists was falsely accused of having improper equipment, and cases in which automobile drivers and bicyclists failed to obey Georgia’s rules of the road.

We Support Bicycle Safety

Bicycling holds promise.  Done correctly, bicycling can ease traffic congestion, improve air quality, and provide exercise for the American public.  But it needs to be safe cycling.  Drivers must respect bicyclists, bicyclists must respect drivers, and government should provide infrastructure that will allow drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to travel in harmony.  Cities and counties, across Georgia and particularly in Atlanta, should support these multiple modes of transportation.

That’s why Butler Tobin is proud to sponsor the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, which works with public and private partners to make bicycle travel safer for everyone.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Safety requires rules, and rules require enforcement.  That’s where we come in.  When motorists pull out in front of a bicycle because they didn’t see it, that’s negligence.  When a motorist swerves off the road and strikes a bicyclist, that’s negligence.  When a bicycle blows through a stop light and strikes a pedestrian, that’s also negligence.  When someone’s negligence hurts an innocent person, the person at fault (and usually that person’s insurance company) should be held accountable.

Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are unfortunately common in bicycle collisions.  That is true for two reasons.  First, motorists may fear that the injuries to the bicyclist are likely to be severe, and may want to avoid responsibility for the collision.  Second, many motorists assume that they can outrun a bicyclist—especially after a collision.  Sometimes the motorist gets away.  If the motorist is caught, however, the consequences can be severe.  In the context of a lawsuit, hitting-and-running it may also authorize punitive damages.

Even if the motorist is never caught, the bicyclist may have options.  Although many people don’t know it, the uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist / UM insurance that a person buys for his or her automobile may cover injuries suffered while bicycling.  The availability of this insurance coverage can be a relief for a bicyclist who faces mounting medical bills, time missed from work, and significant pain.  Also, in some of our cases, we have seen law enforcement catch motorists long after the hit-and-run occurred—so don’t give up hope.

Atlanta’s Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a bicycle accident, we invite you to call us for a free consultation.  Our firm charges no legal fees unless we take your case and we are able recover money for you.  If you are a member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, you may be eligible for a discount on top of that.

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