BT Backpack Program

Free Backpacks for Students

What We’re Offering and Why:

Being a good student isn’t easy.  It takes devoted study from elementary school through the end of a person’s educational path, which can be decades.  With college and law school, we lawyers hauled books and school supplies around well into our twenties.  Getting an education is a wonderful opportunity, but for young people from families without deep financial resources, it can be a real challenge.

We’d like to help.  In addition to offering a scholarship program, BT will provide a free backpack to any student who needs one.  This offer is open to any student of any age in Georgia.  It applies to any level of education.  If you or your young student would like a backpack, we will be happy to send one, or as many as you need.  Please follow the steps below.  The shipping is on us.

Here’s how to get our free backpack:

That’s it! We look forward to sending a backpack to you.



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BT Backpack Program
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Butler Tobin Personal Injury Attorneys,q,Georgia- Telephone No. 404-587-8423
We are offering free backpacks for students of any age and at any level of education. Send us your letters today!