Sexual Assault Lawyer GA


Cases involving rape or sexual abuse are sensitive in nature.  If you’ve been victimized, you understandably may feel uncomfortable and concerned with who you share your facts with.  We understand you are scared, and therefore you should only consult with a sexual assault lawyer Georgia residents know they can fully trust. Our firm has carved a niche helping victims of rape and sexual abuse.  Our record demonstrates a dedication to do everything we can under the law, to aggressively pursue the leaders who are accountable for the crime.  We don’t just go after the criminal actor, we also pursue the companies, schools, or religious communities that enabled the criminal to abuse his position.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault, you should consult with a sexual assault lawyer GA trusts as soon as possible.  There is zero excuse for sexual assault.

Pursuing Justice for Victims of Sexual Abuse

While the criminal justice system imposes criminal penalties on the people who commit these criminal acts, an experienced sexual assault lawyer Georgia trusts will pursue civil remedies against the criminal.  The district attorneys use criminal statutes to stop criminals; sex abuse lawyers use civil statutes to obtain compensation for victims.

A victim’s life will be upended forever after a case of rape or sexual assault. We have learned from handling these types of cases that some of the detrimental effects and challenges victims often have to deal with afterward include:

  • Ongoing severe anxiety and depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and nightmares
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Difficulty concentrating or working, which can lead to unemployment and loss of income
  • Withdrawal from school, activities, and personal relationships
  • High expenses from medical or counseling bills
  • Fear of intimacy

When we get involved, we investigate why the criminal was ever in a position where he was even able to engage in his terrible behavior.  We want to make sure that anyone else whose negligence made it possible for you to be assaulted is held responsible. This could mean a property owner or security company who failed to take proper safety precautions like adequate lighting or security fences, or schools that heard rumors of teachers inappropriately touching students but failed to install cameras.  That’s why it is crucial that victims consult with a sexual assault lawyer Georgia can count on as soon as possible.  You want a lawyer who will engage in a thorough investigation in the early stages.

Beginning the Lawsuit Process

To start the lawsuit process, your sexual assault lawyer may recommend to you that they file your case in court. Your lawyer will then have a chance to obtain additional evidence through the “discovery” process.  In discovery, your lawyer will send written questions to the defendant and will also have a chance to ask the defendant questions while under oath in a deposition.

During trial, you’ll have a chance to tell your side of the story to the jury.  Your sexual assault lawyer may even hire medical professionals to testify about the trauma you suffered and how it has affected your life. Although you may have the opportunity to play an active role in a lawsuit, it’s essential to know that you will not be on trial–the criminal is.

Damages in Sexual Assault Cases

The damages you are entitled to are based on the physical and emotional harm you suffered from the sexual assault. The purpose of a civil lawsuit involving sex abuse is different from a criminal case’s purpose: rather than seeking to punish a convicted perpetrator through incarceration, a plaintiff seeks to make things right, insofar as it is possible to do so, through a monetary award.

Some of the situations for which a sexual assault lawyer in Georgia might pursue damages for you include situations where another party made it possible for the assault to occur. That could mean:

  • While you were under anesthesia
  • If you were in a public place or parking lot with poor lighting or negligent security
  • While you were staying in an apartment or hotel with missing or inadequate locks
  • While you were being examined by a doctor
  • During a massage
  • By a high school teacher
  • By a religious church leader who you trusted

No matter why, where, or when it happened, sex abuse in Georgia is never acceptable.  Taking advantage of someone is never tolerable.

Scheduling a Consultation With a Georgia Sexual Assault Lawyer

Being the victim of a sexual assault can dramatically impact your life. A sexual assault lawyer GA counts on may help you build a strong case and bring your attacker to justice.

If you have any evidence of the abuse, like photos of your injuries, witness statements, or audio recordings, be sure to share it with your lawyer. The more evidence you have against the assailant, the stronger your case.

Remember: if you were the victim of a sexual assault, it wasn’t your fault and you have every right to seek justice. To speak confidentially with a trusted sexual assault lawyer GA has to offer, contact us at 404-587-8423. While the damage of a rape or sexual assault cannot be undone, we seek to do everything in our power to help victims get their lives back, and to hold the responsible parties accountable.