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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GABikers injured in an accident often turn to the counsel of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA from Butler Tobin. We opened our law firm more than three decades ago, and during that time we have protected the rights of individuals and families while they heal from injuries caused by the poor judgment of others.

Your injuries may range from mild cuts and bruises to more severe internal bleeding or broken bones. We are here to fight for your financial and physical losses after a motorcycle accident. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the cost of hospital visits, medical treatments, and loss of pay due to the accident. Seeking the legal assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA from Butler Tobin after the incident is key to being awarded a fair settlement.

After handling thousands of personal injury cases, Butler Tobin has found that there are common questions that victims ask when they come in for a claim evaluation. We are listing them here so you can get a head start knowing what is to come in the claim process. During your consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA from Butler Tobin, we can discuss additional questions or concerns that you may have. We want you to leave our offices feeling confident in what we can do to assist you. We understand that each person has different needs depending on their injuries. Learn more about When do most motorcycle accidents occur?

What Are My Rights While Riding a Motorcycle?

You are entitled to feeling safe when riding your bike. Because many drivers have difficulty noticing motorcyclists, it is in your best interests to ride defensively. However, this does not negate the responsibility of other motorists to obey traffic rules. As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA can tell you, just because they didn’t see you doesn’t mean they weren’t at fault for hitting your bike. If you feel you were wronged, call our office and request a free consultation with our attorney. After a review of your circumstances, an attorney on our team can tell you whether or not he feels you have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the other driver. He can also give you a sense of how much compensation you may be eligible to receive from their insurance company.

What Can My Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA Do for Me?

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA can assist you with the claim process from start to finish. He can help with the initial claim process, confirm all necessary paperwork has been completed accurately and submitted on time. During the process he can provide you with legal advice and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. He has a strong record of obtaining substantial settlements on behalf of his clients.

Can a settlement include future damages for my motorcycle accident injury?

Motorcycle accidents are often quite serious and result in severe or fatal injuries to the rider. At Butler Tobin  we are aware of many victims who required extensive, long term treatment following their motorcycle accident. When the accident was avoidable but for the actions of another driver, it can be especially aggravating for the victim. Our Atlanta, GA motorcycle accident lawyer represents these victims to ensure they are fairly compensated for their damages. We fight aggressively on behalf of our victims, and the substantial settlements that we have negotiated for them makes it possible for them to afford the medical care they need. A settlement can also ease the financial stress they might otherwise experience while they are out of work during their recovery. Contact our office today to speak with our Atlanta GA motorcycle accident lawyer. If you are currently in the hospital due to your accident injuries, we can arrange to meet you in your room or discuss your case on the phone.

What are damages?

In legal parlance, damages are anything that is damaged, hurt, destroyed, or lost. Damages include bodily harm. It may seem impersonal to refer to an injury as damage, but the legal world is more objective than subjective when it comes to seeking justice. It is the job of your motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta GA to assess a fair dollar amount for each type of damage that their client has suffered, including physical injuries. Here are some common examples of damages in the context of a motorcycle accident:

  •         The cost for repair or replacement of your motorcycle. (This is usually submitted in a property damage claim which will be separate from your personal injury claim.)
  •         The cost of emergency transportation from the accident scene to the hospital, including medical treatment by first responders as well as medications provided to you on scene.
  •         Emergency room treatment costs, including hospital room charges, medications, etc.
  •         Any surgeries that you have undergone for your accident related injuries.
  •         Medications prescribed to you for your injury.

Future Damages

Because motorcycle accident injuries tend to be very serious, it may take a long time for the rider to recover. Treatment may be long term and very costly. Our motorcycle accident lawyer understands this and the importance of considering future damages when submitting an injury claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company. In fact, future damages can be so significant that they far outweigh the victim’s initial damages in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Every case is different but here are some common examples of future damages that could be included in your claim if applicable:

  •         Additional surgeries or medical treatment.
  •         Follow up visits to your doctor.
  •         Medications: new and refills.
  •         Physical rehabilitation.
  •         Occupational rehabilitation to help you perform your job despite your injuries.
  •         Income that you will not be able to earn while you recover. If you have suffered a permanent injury, this will also be taken into account.

If you suffered one or more serious injuries in an accident because of someone else’s actions, contact us at Butler Tobin without delay. Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA will be pleased to meet with you at no charge to review the circumstances of your case.

Contact Butler Tobin today to schedule a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer Atlanta, GA counts on for legal assistance.