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Common Injuries from Defective Products

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Manufacturers of products are expected to ensure their products are safe before the public uses them. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year are injured or killed by defective products. Faulty products don’t work properly and may lack the appropriate safety features. If you suffered injuries from a faulty product, you may be eligible for compensation. It is important to consult with Butler | Tobin, a personal injury law firm in Atlanta, GA about your case.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common injuries that result from defective products:


Organ Damage


The same prescription drugs that are intended to make you feel better may cause even more damage in the process. Some medications can cause long-term side effects that aren’t shown on the label. Individuals who take certain medication for long periods of time may suffer kidney, liver, brain, or heart damage.


Head Injuries


If motorcycle, bikes, and scooters are not built correctly, they are more likely to crash and cause serious head injuries. Even if the user is wearing a helmet, it still might not be enough to protect the head during the impact. Severe head injuries can lead to cognitive difficulties, speech and language problems, emotional issues and other complications. Those who suffer head injuries may not be able to return to work and may require long-term rehabilitation.




When toys have small parts that can break off easily, they create choking hazards for little children. Children are naturally curious and may put these small parts in their mouths. If choking is not medically treated immediately, it can result in death. If certain toys are designed for older children, manufacturers should clearly state that on the label.




If household appliances, like toasters and curling irons, have faulty wiring, they have an increased risk of erupting into flames. This can cause severe burns in the person who uses them. Burns can cause excruciating pain, infection, disfigurement, and other complications.


Broken Bones


Products that break unexpectedly can lead to broken bones. For example, if a child is in a high chair and that chair breaks, the child could suffer a broken arm or leg. Broken bones can be incredibly painful and take a long time to recover from. It a bone is broken in more than one place, surgery may be needed.


Injuries from Dangerous Drugs


Many people welcome advancements in medicine when it can cure an ailment, prolong someone’s life, or alleviate pain.  But there are many drugs that flood the market that claim they will prevent an illness or are pitched as some kind of safeguard against illness. Often these new drugs are aimed at younger populations as a means to a more healthy life. Unfortunately, over the past few years, there has been a surge in drug recalls because of dangers that some of these drugs present. An Atlanta, GA personal injury law firm understands the serious impact injuries from dangerous drugs can have on a victim.


If you or someone in your family have had a serious adverse reaction to a drug, seeking medical advice and legal advice, go hand-in-hand. A personal injury law firm Atlanta, GA trusts like Butler | Tobin has the expertise to know how to protect your legal interests and litigate for financial compensation.


New Drugs. New Exposure


Although pharmaceutical companies may claim they have the best interests of consumers, profit appears to come first in many of these cases. There is a double-edged sword effect when the drug can do more harm than good. Is profit the driving force of drug manufacturers who sometimes appear to put profit over safety? Maybe. But what cannot be ignored are the thousands of consumers who become ill, suffer harm, and catastrophic injury due to a harmful drug.


Often, as a personal injury law firm can attest, despite seemingly thorough laboratory testing and clinical trials, consumers ultimately become, in essence, guinea pigs for drugs new on the market. This is usually where the real side effects are revealed. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) issues recalls on a regular basis. There are several classifications of recalls, which are based on the level of harm that could ensue:


  •        Class I recall: This is the most urgent of recalls the FDA issues and indicate that there is an immediate and significant danger from the drug.
  •        Class II recall: This is when a product does not pose an immediate danger, however, continued use of the product can result in serious illness or injury.
  •        Class III recall: This is when there is no immediate or serious danger, however, the FDA has found that the drug is in violation of agency regulations.

Some examples of the types of drugs that have been recalled in the past include:

  •                     Contraceptives/ HPV prevention immunizations
  •                     Diabetes medication thought to cause bladder cancer
  •                     Antidepressants
  •                     Heart and cholesterol drugs
  •                     Drugs prescribed to alleviate signs of morning sickness or acne during the first trimester of a pregnancy



One reason for the increased surge in recalls over the past few years is a major issue with compounding pharmacies and the contamination of ingredients resulting in a tainted product and consumers being harmed if the contaminated product is ingested.


Being Aware


If a product remains on the market, but is known to have serious side effects, the FDA requires the product to have a black box warning. These drugs alone are sometimes a red flag for real, potential side effects. Checking the FDA website for the latest recalls is another way to stay proactive about a new drug regimen that your doctor may have prescribed to you.


What to Do If You’re Injured By a Defective Product


If you suffered an injury from a faulty product, seek medical care as soon as possible. A Georgia doctor will assess your injury and recommend the best possible treatment. Whether your doctor recommends physical therapy or surgery, it is important to follow his or her advice.


You should also schedule a consultation with a product defect lawyer. A lawyer may help you file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product in a timely fashion and gather the appropriate evidence. He or she will also communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and protect your legal rights. To find out more, contact the personal injury law firm Atlanta, GA victims recommend, Butler | Tobin.

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