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Common Injuries from Defective Products

Personal Injury Law Firm Atlanta, GAManufacturers of products are expected to ensure their products are safe before the public uses them. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year are injured or killed by defective products. Faulty products don’t work properly and may lack the appropriate safety features. If you suffered injuries from a faulty product, you may be eligible for compensation. It is important to consult with Butler | Tobin, a personal injury law firm in Atlanta, GA about your case.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common injuries that result from defective products:

Organ Damage

The same prescription drugs that are intended to make you feel better may cause even more damage in the process. Some medications can cause long-term side effects that aren’t shown on the label. Individuals who take certain medication for long periods of time may suffer kidney, liver, brain, or heart damage.

Head Injuries

If motorcycle, bikes, and scooters are not built correctly, they are more likely to crash and cause serious head injuries. Even if the user is wearing a helmet, it still might not be enough to protect the head during the impact. Severe head injuries can lead to cognitive difficulties, speech and language problems, emotional issues and other complications. Those who suffer head injuries may not be able to return to work and may require long-term rehabilitation.


When toys have small parts that can break off easily, they create choking hazards for little children. Children are naturally curious and may put these small parts in their mouths. If choking is not medically treated immediately, it can result in death. If certain toys are designed for older children, manufacturers should clearly state that on the label.


If household appliances, like toasters and curling irons, have faulty wiring, they have an increased risk of erupting into flames. This can cause severe burns in the person who uses them. Burns can cause excruciating pain, infection, disfigurement, and other complications.

Broken Bones

Products that break unexpectedly can lead to broken bones. For example, if a child is in a high chair and that chair breaks, the child could suffer a broken arm or leg. Broken bones can be incredibly painful and take a long time to recover from. It a bone is broken in more than one place, surgery may be needed.

What to Do If You’re Injured By a Defective Product

If you suffered an injury from a faulty product, seek medical care as soon as possible. A doctor will assess your injury and recommend the best possible treatment. Whether your doctor recommends physical therapy or surgery, it is important to follow his or her advice.

You should also schedule a consultation with a product defect lawyer. A lawyer may help you file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product in a timely fashion and gather the appropriate evidence. He or she will also communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and protect your legal rights. To find out more, contact the personal injury law firm Atlanta, GA victims recommend, Butler | Tobin.